Passing Clouds: The Perfect Beverage

The Story

In a world where drinks choices often oscillate between overly sugary sodas. flat non-alcoholic wine and expensive cocktails, finding a beverage that satisfies the discerning palate can be a challenge. 

While our products are inspired by wine, we do not create drinks that merely imitate something alcoholic and we do not attempt to be another non-alcoholic option. We blend our drinks to have the same complexity, acidity and structure as a wine might have, but with surprising flavour combinations that appeal to customers who enjoy new gastronomic experiences.

With this in mind, back in 2020, we were running the first trials for what Passing Clouds would be come. As with most of first time developments, it was becoming increasingly hard to create some mind blowing and different from the rest. The main reason being we were doing the expected and the normal. 

MURI Passing Clouds Brewery

After Ioakeim Goulidis -now Head of R&D- joined the team, him and Murray Paterson -founder of MURI- spent countless hours tasting and trying to figure out what to do next to achieve that extra level of deliciousness. The outcome of all this effort was what nowadays makes MURI be at the top: blending

The team realised that in order to create complex layers of flavour that would then offer depth and structure in the beverage, every component of the drink had to be treated and fermented differently. With variations of temperatures, acidity, concentrations, fermentation times, the team found the perfect recipe for each one of Passing Clouds components, creating what we believe is: the perfect beverage.

The Components

Quince Kefir

Starting from fresh fruit, we grind the quince ourselves and then infuse it in water. We ferment this mix with water kefir grains, resulting in a super aromatic liquid with some lactic creaminess and slight acidity. It is the backbone of Passing Clouds.

White Currant Wine

Straight from Thy in the west coast of Denmark, we receive a fantastic white currant juice from Niels -the farmer we collaborate for our berries- with an incredible floral aroma and rounded acidity. We ferment the juice using a special yeast and convert this juice into a non-alcoholic white currant wine.

Lacto-fermented gooseberry

We use lactic acid bacteria to potentiate the sharp acidity of the gooseberry juice and create a bright freshness in the final blend. 

Jasmine Tea Infusion

We use sencha green tea aromatised with jasmine flowers from Grasse in the South of France. We do a cold infusion to maintain the floral aroma without extracting any bitterness but just a small amount of tannins.

Geranium Kvass

Geranium adds another layer of complexity to the final blend. Provides a floral yet sweet aroma. Together with the kvass, the combination provides structure and depth.

Woodruff Infusion

Sweet woodruff (galium odoratum) is a delicate herb that captivates with its subtle, sweet aroma and earthy notes. We take pride in foraging this exceptional ingredient ourselves. It gives Passing Clouds an unmatchable honey hint with a touch of marzipan.


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